What are Negative EMFs?

     Electromagnetic fields/frequencies (EMFs) come from everything that uses electricity. There are two basic types of EMFs: 
 ELFs (extremely low frequency fields) generally include everything that runs off the utility grid. Many devices we plug into the electrical sockets in our homes and offices generate ELFs, defined as 60 or fewer cycles per second of alternating current. 

     EHFs (high frequency fields) include those generated by most modern electronics such as: TV's, stereo systems, microwave ovens, cell phones, computers, and appliances. Alternating current (AC), the form of electric power used in the United States, induces electric currents in all objects that conduct electricity, including humans. Direct current (DC), such as that produced by batteries, is unlikely to induce electric current in humans, so AC fields have been the focus of most research on how EMFs impact human health. However, identifying and measuring levels of EMF exposure is very complex, since EMF fields change constantly, depending on the power usages in the person's environment and his or her proximity to the power source.  

How Do the Negative EMFs Affect Our Physical Health?

     Since the late 1970s, concerns have been raised about the link between EMFs and cancer, primarily leukemia and brain cancer. With the dramatic increase in cell phones and other wireless technology, our daily exposure to negative EMFs has increased rapidly in recent years. This causes people to feel more stressed and fatigued because we are inundated wherever we go. The only time we are not chronically exposed to EMF radiation is out in nature or on a boat. This is why people hiking in the wilderness away from the grid feel more clear and calm. 

     The parts of our bodies most sensitive to EMFs are the brain, eyes and the pineal gland, which regulates and controls all the hormonal balances in our bodies. One of the most important hormones it controls is melatonin. When the pineal gland is stressed, melatonin levels go down. In addition to creating sleeping disorders, low melatonin levels decrease the immune system's ability to target chemicals in the body and metabolize them safely out of the body. 

     Melatonin also helps the body find abnormal cell growth. By putting stress on the body, EMFs reduce the immune system's ability to deal with abnormal cell growth, including cancer. People who spend many hours in front of a computer are especially susceptible, because the pineal gland is continually stressed. People with chemical sensitivities, environmental illnesses, chronic fatigue, or fibromyalgia commonly have low levels of melatonin. 

How Do Negative EMFs Impact Our
Emotional and Spiritual Health?

     Additionally, our pineal gland is sometimes called the crystal palace, because its structure is partially crystalline in nature. The small calcite crystals are piezoelectric and can respond to the higher realms of light. By activating these crystalline potentials within the pineal gland, we open a portal to the Higher Mind. This stimulates an influx of creativity, insight, and solutions to personal and collective problems. The Higher Mind—this inter-dimensional aspect of our consciousness—is a potential source of immense inspiration, wisdom, insight and creativity.  

     When the pineal gland is affected by negative EMFs, our emotional well being and even our spiritual potential during meditation are reduced. In many cultures, the pineal gland is thought to have mystical powers. By accessing higher levels of our innate creativity, we gain access to what is sometimes called the Higher Mind—the aspect of our consciousness that extends beyond the constraints of normal awareness. This is another reason why we need to protect our pineal gland from negative EMFs!                                          

What Are Negative EMFs?
Legal Disclaimer: These products are not medical devices and are not intended for use in diagnosing disease or other conditions, or in the cure or prevention of disease. 
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