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           In today's high-tech society we are constantly bombarded by negative EMFs (electromagnetic energy fields/electric and magnetic fields) emitted by cell phones, computers, televisions, appliances, microwaves, cell towers and power lines. EMFs distort and weaken our natural electrical flows, creating numerous undesirable side effects. 

           Our enthusiasm about Mother Earth Orgone products is that they protect us from these harmful negative EMFs, while enhancing the natural electrical flow within our body and naturally cleansing our chakra centers. In the process, they immediately increase the strength and balance of both humans and animals, improving performance in all physical activities. Orgone also revitalizes water, food, and vitamins while protecting home and business environments.  

          We’re sure you’ll be interested in our services and products, including fun group presentations, home parties, and free muscle balance testing demonstrations. We charge only $5 to ship your beautiful Mother Earth Orgone Energizers. We have a great selection of shapes and sizes to choose from, so please visit our store page right away.  

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Legal Disclaimer: These products are not medical devices and are not intended for use in diagnosing disease or other conditions, or in the cure or prevention of disease. 

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Please note that our return policy is to offer 100% return and refund, no matter what the date of purchase on Mother Earth Orgone!