Why do we demonstrate a muscle and balance          
                             test to validate our products?

     The muscle and balance test we utilize is also called Kinesiology, (pronounced kin-easy-ology), a Greek word which means the study of motion. During ancient times, Kinesiology was the study of muscles and body movement. Dating back to Aristotle (384-322 BC), its proponents have included Leonardo da Vinci (1429-1519) and Luigi Galvani (1737 to 1798), an Italian physician and physicist who studied the electrical basis of nerve impulses. 

     Spearheaded in the 1960s by Dr. George Goodheart, an American chiropractor, Kinesiology was developed into a relatively new branch of science. Enhanced by the study of Chinese medicine and the meridian system, it has proven to be amazingly efficient at balancing the body and helping it return to excellent health, energy and emotional strength. 

     A muscle and balance test is a manual test where an individual is tested for a weak or strong response. The basis of the test is that the body is an electrical system that is continually in communication with each of its 600+ muscles and organs. If a muscle is electrically in balance, the muscle remains strong when a stimulus is applied. If a muscle is out of balance, it becomes weaker when tested.  

    Since negative EMFs distort and weaken our natural electrical system, the muscle and balance test dramatically demonstrates how powerfully our products protect the body, immediately creating enhanced balance and physical strength.     

     Muscle and balance tests can be applied to a variety of situations, including decisions about selecting the right vitamins or herbs for your individual system.       

Try it yourself with a friend. Muscle testing can be a lot of fun, and 
your body will always tell you the truth. 
The body will never lie.
          What is a Muscle and Balance Test? 
Legal Disclaimer:These products are not medical devices and are not intended for use in diagnosing disease or other condition, or in the cure of prevention of disease. 
John T. Demonstrating a muscle and balance test (Kinesiology) with Mr. Apple at a teacher's convention. 
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