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1. Testimony 

"The only water my cat drinks is from the cup that sits on my Mother Earth Orgone Disc. " 
  Manane P

2. Testimony 

“Wearing my Mother Earth Orgone pendant has greatly reduced the negative impacts of my ADHD. Instead of having millions of thoughts running through my mind, I can focus better at my job and have a much easier time doing my paper work. Also, I used to have rapid speech, but now I speak more slowly and concisely.”  
John G.-- Seattle WA

3. Testimony

“My menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes and night sweats have disappeared. I sleep better through out the night and notice more energy throughout the day. And I am really happy that all the net proceeds go to the kids! Thank you Mother Earth Orgone!”  
Jeri G.-- Seattle WA

4. Testimony

“I have worn my Mother Earth Orgone necklace every day since buying it. Why should I take it off? After I started wearing this necklace, new friends started coming into my life telling me that I have “opened up” and so they got to know me and actually like me. One new friend from my yoga class admitted that she didn’t like me before, but now I seem much more balanced and approachable. Also, this device has greatly improved my ability to hold difficult poses in my yoga class much longer than I ever had before. The sense of balance and protection I get from the Mother Earth Orgone keeps me wearing it religiously. Since I feel more confident and stable in the presence of people when I wear it, my life is unfolding in a whole new way. I am making friends and opening up to people in a delightful way I had never thought possible. I came back and bought 4 more energizers to improve the ambiance in my home. I really love my Orgone and am truly happy that they are protecting me from all the negative EMFs in the environment. I could go on and on but I’ll stop now.”  
 Addie R-- Bellevue, WA

5. Testimony

​"I work at a casino, and I have been back to the office to buy for several of the other dealers here at the casino. It has help many of us here at work."
Heather M--Auburn, WA

6. Testimony

“I love my Mother Earth Orgone necklace every day and wear it every day to get around easier and avoid falling.”
Ruth T, 99 years young--Longview, WA

7. Testimony 

“I have to tell you that I have never felt better. I suffer from Lupus and Osteoarthritis. My feet are feeling wonderful and I am experiencing a feeling of "good" throughout the day. All of my coworkers are commenting on how wonderful I look. In fact, three of them also purchased Orgone discs. Thank you so much.”
Sue A. Las Vegas, NV  

8. Testimony

“I am now sleeping better after buying my Mother Earth Orgone."
Sharon --Stanwood, WA

9. Testimony

“I was really shocked. I am 90 years of age and have had arthritis pain in my knees for many years. The day after buying my Mother Earth Orgone pendant, I was able to work in my garden for hours without any arthritis pain.”
Dorothy J.—Seattle, WA

10. Testimony

"Great Pendant, When my new pendant arrived recently, I put it on and was immediately impressed with the feeling of a kind of electrical plasma from my abdomen to the top of my head. It was a gentle yet very calming feeling that really helped me "normal out", as the saying goes, from a very trying day. I'm looking forward to noting its effects as I wear it each day."
Don M.--Milton ,WA

11. Testimony

"I just got my orgone pendant yesterday. When I got home I took my usual 35 min. walk, which includes walking up a very steep hill. I typically have to slow way down to traverse the hill and sometimes even have to stop to catch my breath. While walking this uphill grade yesterday while wearing my new pendant, I took the hill at a fast clip with no need to slow down or stop! Amazing! I tested my 12 y.o. grand daughter using kinesthesiology with and without the pendant. The change and strength in her was amazing. She said 'that's pretty crazy, can I have it?'  Although I wouldn't part with my pendant, I just called and ordered one for her. Thanks for making this amazing product available."

12. Testimony

"I was in last Wednesday for 2 pendants. Mine is VERY helpful and has much improved my sense of balance and strength. One little thing's much improved, I have no idea why, but mention it as it's a bit strange: All my life I've struggled with the 10-key number keypad on the computer, never able to keep my hand in the correct position over it. I have no problem with the alpha keyboard and in fact am a very rapid keyboarder. So my 10-key was agonizingly slow and error-prone. Well, since the pendant my fingers seem to know exactly and rapidly where to go on the 10-key! It's a real help as I use spreadsheets a lot. Seems like an unexpected bonus."
Amy M.

13. Testimony

"I am so thrilled with my Energy Generator that I have been wearing it everyday. It was amazing, I could feel the negative energy being expelled through my toes in that first week. My feet were aching but in a good way. I could tell that whatever was trying to get out had been settled in and around my heart and was now being expelled. I have been sleeping well, dreaming vividly, and have been waking up rested and happy. My meditation practice has deepened and I am experiencing all around benefits of wearing my pendant. I have been telling so many friends about you and have given several people your information since I bought my pendant two weeks ago...Thank you so much for making my beautiful pendant. It has made a huge positive difference in my life."

14. Testimony

"I gave the stone I had, to my 83-year-old mother, who struggles with vertigo...she was amazed! We bought one for my wife as well, she never takes it off! Thank you again!


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