The History of Orgone Energy

       The first Western scientist to investigate Life Force or Universal energy was German physician Franz Anton Mesmer. Nearly 200 years ago, he built the first known energy accumulators, which were made by filling wooden barrels with metal shavings. Using these barrels in healing his patients, he called this energy Animal Magnetism. Mesmer’s related discoveries involving mental processes led to the development of hypnosis, thus the term “mesmerizing.” Twenty years later, another German, Baron Karl Von Reichenbach did extensive research into Universal Energy. A chemist, geologist, metallurgist, naturalist, and philosopher, his accumulators, built with creosote, formaldehyde, and steel, were also used for healing. 

        Nearly 100 years later, Dr. Sigmund Freud advanced this research further when he identified a powerful energy released when humans experience an orgasm. Calling this the libido, Freud and his associates attempted to harness this energy to heal both the body and the mind. After years of failure, Freud concluded that the libido was merely a psychological energy, “idea to be pursued only by the path of speculation." Freud’s associate Dr. Wilhelm Reich disagreed and split from Freud, believing that rather than being a simple idea, the libido is a tangible, measureable energy. Through his research, he discovered that certain organisms emit a high frequency radiation that could kill bacteria and cancer cells. For Reich, this finding confirmed the existence of an energy that did not obey any known laws of electricity or magnetism. Because his discovery evolved from the investigation of the human orgasm, and because this energy had the ability to charge organic materials, Reich named it “Orgone.” 

        Narrowly escaping the wrath of Adolph Hitler, Reich moved to New York City in 1940, where he built the first Orgone energy accumulators. They were essentially large boxes created by alternating layers of organic material such as fiberglass (to radiate the energy) with layers of non-organic material such as metals to reflect and amplify the radiation and direct it inward toward the center. The accumulators were eventually expanded so they could be used as healing rooms for people with physical diseases as well as mental illness. By 1947, Reich's work was attracting considerable interest as Orgone research expanded into new areas of psychiatry, medicine, and biophysics. One of his most significant new discoveries was proving the existence of a motor force in Orgone energy that is pulled from the atmosphere, a scientific breakthrough that presented enormous practical implications.  

          But all was not safe for Dr. Reich in his new home. A highly inflammatory article appeared in the May 26, 1947 edition of New Republic Magazine entitled "The Strange Case of Wilhelm Reich." In this article, the author challenged medical authorities to take action against Reich. Within weeks, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began an investigation, charging that the use of orgone energy accumulators constituted fraudulent activities. After an exhausting series of trials and appeals, Dr. Reich was sent to prison in 1955, where he died in 1957.

          While Dr. Reich had succeeded in accumulating Orgone energy, it was another Austrian, Karl Hans Welz, who developed the first devices capable of actually generating Life Force energy. Calling his discovery "Orgonite,” Welz continued mixing organic and non-organic matter, but found improved success by using small particles instead of layers. 

          In recent years, other researchers have improved on Welz's designs, most importantly by adding crystals. Operating as amplifiers crystals make energy flow and radiate. When they are compressed, an electric charge is generated, creating what is called the piezoelectric effect. By placing organic crystals and inorganic metals together in a resin that shrinks as it dries in the sunlight, pressure is applied to the crystals. This accumulates a charge that is directed out of the device through the metals. The more pressure placed on the crystals during the curing process, the more powerful the flow of energy that can be generated. 

          The most advanced Orgone energy generators are created by combining a variety of crystals with other gemstones and adding. Since direct sunlight is crucial in the curing process, superior Orgone protection devices are made in places where strong sunlight is readily available. Much less cumbersome than Dr. Reich’s original accumulators, modern devices can be small enough to wear, fit in a pocket, or attached to a cell phone. 

Legal Disclaimer: These products are not medical devices and are not intended for use in diagnosing disease or other conditions, or in the cure or prevention of disease. 
Dr. Wilhelm Reich & his son Peter, March 1947
Dr. Sigmund Freud
Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer
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