Orgone energy is one name for the life force which runs through all living forms. Over time, this unlimited and immeasurable essence has been called many names: Qi, Chi, cosmic energy, universal energy, Divine energy, libido, Elan Vital, Animism, and, of course, God. 

            Dr. Wilhelm Reich, a brilliant Austrian psychiatrist, pioneered the use of this energy in the Western world, defining it as “the creative force in nature.” Conducting thousands of experiments during a thirty-year period that began in the 1920s, Dr. Reich discovered ways to collect and magnify this energy. His objective was to improve the quality of people’s lives by improving the ways that energy flows through our bodies and through our work and living spaces.

            Recent improvements in Dr. Reich’s original formulas have made it possible to create protection devices that help people, plants, and animals become immediately stronger and more balanced. Other benefits provided by advanced orgone devices include protection from EMFs (electromagnetic fields or frequencies), enhanced meditation, improved sleeping patterns, as well as revitalizing water, food, vitamins, and medicines.

My First Exposure to the Concept of Universal Energy

            I first began to explore the concept of universal energy in 1975, when I discovered what was then called “new age” or “new thought.” Among my favorite books was Born to Heal by Ruth Montgomery, a longtime reporter for the Washington Post. This is the true story of a humble man in the Midwest whose healing touch allowed a powerful energy to flow into other people, impacting most of them immediately. I was able to secure an interview with Mrs. Montgomery, and in the months that followed, I often pondered whether this type of “miraculous” healing was really possible and what sort of “energy” was involved.  

            That answer came the following year, when I went to India for the first of seventeen trips. There I met Sri Sathya Sai Baba, a world renowned holy man who demonstrated a complete mastery over universal energy and used it at will to heal and transform the lives of those who came under his protection. Sathya Sai Baba and his earlier incarnation, Shirdi Sai Baba, have been the subjects of thousands of books and are revered by millions of people around the world. Prior to his death on Easter Day, 2011, Sathya Sai revealed details about the upcoming third Sai avatar, Prema Sai Baba, including his birthplace, physical appearance, and mission—ushering in a Golden Age of Peace on Earth that most of us will live to experience.  

The Dangerous Invasion of EMFs

            In 1987, I began learning about the dangers from exposure to EMFs when I was asked to edit a book written by Dr. David Pearlmutter, a nationally known MD based in Florida. Even back then he was being hired to testify in court cases about the direct connection between brain cancer and cell phone use. With the dramatic expansion of wireless technology during the past thirty years, our exposure to EMFs is now much more extensive that it was back then. It is estimated that 90% of Americans have weakened adrenal systems due to EMFs. Because we are electromagnetic beings, these destructive vibrations also create stress on other parts of our bodies, especially the pineal gland, resulting in hormone difficulties and a reduction in melatonin levels, which for many people leads to difficulty sleeping. Unfortunately, most individuals are only away from EMFs when they are out to sea or deep in the wilderness—unless of course, they bring their cell phones or other electronic devices along on the trip.

Initial Western Research into Universal Energy

            The first Western scientist who investigated universal energy was a German physician named Anton Mesmer. Nearly 200 years ago, he built the first known energy accumulators, which were made by filling wooden barrels with metal shavings. He used the energy generated by these barrels in the process of healing his patients, calling it “animal magnetism.” Mesmer was also very active in investigating the processes of the mind, leading to the development of hypnosis; thus the term “mesmerizing.” 

            Twenty years after Mesmer’s death, Baron Karl von Reichenbach, a noted German chemist, geologist, metallurgist, naturalist, and philosopher, did extensive research into universal energy. His energy accumulators, built with creosote, formaldehyde, and steel, were also used in his medical practice.

The Groundbreaking Work of Drs. Sigmund Freud and Wilhelm Reich

            Nearly 100 years later, the work of Drs. Mesmer and von Reichenbach was taken up by Dr. Sigmund Freud of Vienna, Austria. Freud believed that most neuroses are caused by conflicts between our natural sexual instincts and society’s denial and frustration of those instincts. He identified the physical existence of a biological sexual energy in people’s bodies and called this energy "libido." Using Keralan photography, Dr. Freud discovered that when people have orgasms there is a visible release of a powerful energy. For a number of years, he and his associates made various attempts to capture this energy for use in healing both the bodies and minds of their patients. 

            Freud’s attempts proved fruitless until the arrival of young Wilhelm Reich. Born on March 24, 1897 in the easternmost part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, now Ukraine, Reich had grown up on a large farm operated by his father. Reich’s early interests in biology and natural science were stimulated by life on the farm; in addition to agriculture, he was involved in cattle-farming and breeding. When World War I began in 1914, Reich joined the Austrian Army and served for three years until the war finally ended in 1918. 

            Wilhelm then entered medical school at the University of Vienna, receiving his M.D. degree in July 1922. While still in school, he attained membership into the Vienna Psychoanalytic Association. At that time, psychoanalysis was a new discipline that had emerged from Sigmund Freud's insights into the causes of mental illness. Quickly becoming one of the most active members of Freud's inner circle, Reich began his private psychiatric practice in 1922 at Freud's Psychoanalytic Polyclinic in Vienna. 

            As the years passed without success in being able to physically capture the elusive orgasmic energy, Freud concluded that libido was simply an idea, a psychological energy, rather than one that could be captured and utilized. Dr. Reich, however, was convinced that, rather than being simply an idea, libido is a tangible, measurable energy present in all organisms. Breaking away from Freud, he dedicated himself to exploring ways to use this energy in overcoming the limitations of psychoanalysis in treating neuroses. 

            Strongly opposed to the rise of the Nazi party, Dr. Reich left Austria when Hitler came to power in Germany. He went first to Oslo, Norway, where he continued his research, discovering certain unique organisms that emit a high frequency radiation which could kill bacteria and cancer cells. For Reich, this confirmed the existence of an energy that did not obey any known laws of electricity or magnetism. Because his discovery evolved from investigation of the human orgasm, and based on this energy’s ability to charge organic materials, Reich named it “Orgone.” 

            After publishing his findings, Reich was widely criticized by the medical community and by the Norwegian press. This rejection reinforced his decision to leave Europe, and on August 19, 1939 he sailed on the last ship to leave Norway before the outbreak of World War II.

The First Orgone Accumulators 

After arriving in New York City, Dr. Reich began teaching at the New School in Manhattan. Here he worked on perfecting the design for “orgone energy accumulators,” the first of which was completed in 1940. These were essentially boxes created by alternating layers of organic material such as fiberglass (to radiate the energy) with layers of non-organic material such as metals to reflect and amplify the radiation and direct it inward toward the center. The accumulators were eventually expanded so they could be used as healing spaces for people with physical diseases as well as mental illnesses.  

            Based on his success in curing mice of cancer, Dr. Reich began experimental treatments with cancer patients in 1941, charging no fees and making no specific promises of recovery. Even though most patients showed marked improvements while sitting in the accumulators, most eventually succumbed to their diseases after returning to their normal lifestyles. This led Reich to conclude that cancerous tumors were not the disease, but rather physical representations of deeper, inner issues that had not been cleared. Based on this discovery, he switched his focus to the prevention of disease. Reich felt that his orgone accumulators could be used to help people avert these deeper issues and prevent cancer from forming in the first place.

            In 1942, Reich purchased a 160 acre farm in Maine and called it Orgonon, envisioning this as a permanent home for his work. In 1945, a student laboratory was built, and three years later construction began on the Orgone Energy Observatory. This facility housed an extensive laboratory, Reich's library and study, as well as outdoor observation decks to facilitate the study of atmospheric energy phenomena. By 1947, Reich's work was attracting considerable interest as orgone research expanded into new areas of psychiatry, medicine, and biophysics. One of his most significant discoveries was proving the existence of a motor force in orgone energy that is pulled from the atmosphere—a scientific breakthrough that presented enormous practical implications.

The Persecution of Wilhelm Reich

            Unfortunately, all was not safe for Dr. Reich in his new home. A highly inflammatory article appeared in the May 26, 1947 edition of New Republic Magazine entitled "The Strange Case of Wilhelm Reich." The author challenged medical authorities to take action against Reich. Within weeks, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began an investigation, charging that the use of orgone energy accumulators constituted a fraudulent activity.

            More than six years went by before the US Attorney for the District of Maine signed a Complaint for Injunction against Reich and his wife, asserting that “the alleged orgone energy…is non-existent." The defendants were ordered to cease interstate shipment of orgone accumulators or any written material concerning these “dangerous devices.” The complaint required that Reich appear in federal court to respond, but he instead sent a lengthy letter, vowing not to “appear in court as the ‘defendant’ against a plaintiff who by his mere complaint already has shown his ignorance in matters of natural science.” 

            Insulted by Reich's letter, the judge did not accept it as a valid legal response. A Decree of Injunction was issued on default as if Reich had never responded at all. Even more oppressive than the initial complaint, the injunction ordered that all orgone energy accumulators be destroyed along with all materials containing instructions for their use. It also banned Reich's books that contained statements about orgone energy.

            Determined to continue his research, Dr. Reich traveled to Arizona, where he could experiment with his orgone cloud buster technology in the dry desert climate. While he was there, and without his knowledge, one of Reich’s assistants, Dr. Silvert, moved a truckload of orgone accumulators and books from Maine to New York City, a direct violation of the injunction. When this was discovered by federal agents, both doctors were charged with criminal contempt of court. Found guilty, Dr. Reich was sentenced to two years in federal prison, while Silvert was sentenced to a year and a day. Dr. Reich’s foundation was fined $10,000.

            While Reich appealed his sentence, the government carried out the destruction of his orgone accumulators and literature. After all appeals were denied, Reich entered the penitentiary two weeks before his 60th birthday. Less than eight months later, he died of heart failure. Organon has now been converted into a museum where people can study Dr. Reich’s experiments and explore his writings, including 33 published books.

Recent Discoveries that Greatly Enhance the Benefits of Reich’s Work 

            While Dr. Reich had succeeded in accumulating orgone energy, it was another Austrian, Karl Hans Welz, who developed the first devices capable of actually generating life force energy. Calling his devices "Orgonite,” Welz mixed organic and non-organic matter, but found improved success by using small particles instead of layers. 

            In recent years, other cutting-edge researchers have improved on Welz's designs, most importantly by adding crystals. Acting as amplifiers, crystals allow energy to flow and radiate. When crystals are compressed, an electric charge is generated, creating what is called the piezoelectric effect. By placing organic crystals and inorganic metals together in a resin that shrinks as it dries, pressure is applied to the crystals, creating a charge that is then directed out of the device through the metals. The more pressure placed on the crystals, the more powerful the flow of energy. 

            The most advanced orgone energy generators are created by combining metals and gemstones with a wide variety of crushed crystals and then adding tachyon powder to broaden the spectrum of benefits. Since direct sunlight greatly enhances the curing process, superior orgone protection devices are made in warmer climates. Much smaller than Reich’s original accumulators, modern devices can be small enough to wear, fit in a pocket, or attach to a cell phone. 

The Groundbreaking Implications of Tachyon Energy

            Tachyon energy is the focus of groundbreaking research by Gabriel Cousens M.D. and David Wagner, which was first published in the early 1990s. Briefly stated, tachyons are subatomic particles that travel faster than the speed of light. These particles attract the highest level of universal energy and make it accessible to the physical body. Tachyonization is a technological process that increases the quantity of tachyons, permanently changing the quantum properties of physical matter. Since this change occurs at the subatomic level, an object’s chemical composition is not altered.  

            Not to be confused with a particular form of energy, Tachyon is the first energetic structure that emerges out of non-structured, formless energy. Not limited to a certain frequency, tachyon cannot be measured in the Hertzian frequency spectrum. Rather than being a certain type of energy, it includes all energy potential within itself.

            In addition to our physical body, we have several energetic bodies. Energy flows constantly from the highly refined realms (the causal and super causal realms) and moves down through the astral, etheric, and electromagnetic levels before finally moving into the material realm, our physical bodies. Unfortunately, blockages in our subtle body systems prevent tachyon energy from flowing freely into and through our physical bodies. Since many diseases are created by blockages in our subtle bodies, tachyon technology presents a safe, natural way to help our systems move back to full energetic health and balance. When energetic balance is obtained, the physical body follows. We can become superconductors for tachyon energy by allowing it to flow through all the layers of our subtle bodies. This is where Orgone generators can play a crucial role.


            Wilhelm Reich saw the mechanistic and mystic worlds as two sides of one reality, and orgone energy as the bridge between the two. This spiritual aspect makes orgone even more difficult to fully research and understand. We can prove that it exists and that it works, but no one has managed to figure out exactly how it works so consistently and so profoundly. We only know that it does.

            Today, Reich’s work lives on in the lives of those who benefit from Orgone Energy generators. Now in my 73rd year of living on planet Earth, I greatly appreciate the many ways Orgone Energy had enhanced my life, not the least of which are clearer thinking and significant improvements in both my golf and tennis games. 

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